59° Mostra Internazionale del Gelato

Just like the tradition, Rhind srl will be showcasing their latest products at the 59th International Ice Cream Exhibition in Longarone. From December 5th to the 8th 2018 come discovery our new products, they are the latest in the ice cream cash register software frontier. You can find our new stand inside MIG in Longarone


How To reach MIG:

By Car

The Quartiere Fieristico of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is easy to reach from the #61 freeway (Strada Statale) of Alemagna, nearby Longarone’s municipality. Use the “Cadore-Cortina” exit of the A27 Venezia-Belluno highway, linking directly with the A4 (Milano-Trieste) highway from Passante di Mestre, which is located at 7km from the Quartiere llinked to the #51 freeway (Strada Statale) of Alemagna.

For more information on traffic conditions and highway availability visit www.autostrade.it

By Train

Longarone’s rail station is 200m from the Quartiere, which is accessible via dedicated rail line. Longarone is located along the Venezia-Calalzo e Padova-Calalzo lines.

For more information on travel time and online tickets visit www.trenitalia.it

By Plane

Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is easily reachable from Venezia and Treviso international airports. “Marco Polo” international airport of Venice (www.veniceairport.com), is the third Italian structure for flight density (daily flights with high frequency connecting all major European and national destinations and with some intercontinental routes too). You can find the airport within 1h drive. Treviso airport, with 45 international and national destinations, is served by low-cost operators, and you can find it approximately 45minutes of driving via highway (www.trevisoairport.it).


Longarone Fiere Dolomiti

Longarone Fiere S.r.l.
Via del Parco, 3 – 32013 LONGARONE (BL)
Tel. 0437 577577 – Fax 0437 770340


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