We can brag about having beautiful lighting in our office, but that’s not why we’re thinking we’re well enlighted… true enlightenment are our ideas which become real, original, brilliant, enlighted projects.

Ideas. Ideas.

Ideas and always and only new ideas.
We can’t stand still, not even for a moment.
We don’t like it.
It’s not our style.
It’s not for us.

It’s been 20 years that anyone visiting us or welcoming us to their office, is astunished by our ideas. Ideas which are not randomly born, but from the real need of our clients; we carefully analyze them and transform them into high value IT solutions. Our ideas amaze and tackle issues. Solving a problem to just one client means we resolve it to an entire category.
We ask for a continuous feed back with our clients; they are our enlightenment and point the shortest road to the objective and we’re never in the dark. We invent what we need. Often our intuitions are copied and rushed by our competitors which turns out to be bad imitators; however, they arrived second remaining such in the international market. We are honored to be copied.