NEU is the new RHIND software for the order managing.

Financial Management

Insica includes the Financial Management for Germany and Austria.


It’s multi-language (ITA, GER, ENG).

Rhind Electronic Pads

They were created to interface the QUICKMENU RHIND pads.

New, yet with a twenty-year experience.

Gescom and EuroGescom were NEU's ancestors, giving all the available experience into the latest creation.

The rules might have changed, but not the protagonists.

Germany and Austria are about to shift their fiscal control system, foreseeing a constant and precise monitoring of all accounting movements that happen during the business activity.

Our experience in Italy where fiscal monitoring has been in place for decades, allowed us to be ready to face any challenge and to provide a constant support towards our clients.

We developed a unique fiscal control management, a revolution in this field. The business operator doesn’t have to worry about sales volume with the fiscal register not of the possibility of errors that might be picked up by Finanzamt.

NEU goes above and beyond.

Book an appointment and we will be glad to show you from our offices how the system works. You’ll be satisfied.


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    Austria e Germania